Boundary Survey

Boundary Survey Colorado Land Surveyor

Boundary Survey Colorado Land Surveying

A boundary survey is a land survey that is performed to re-establish the boundary of a property identified by a deed of record.  It will also indicate the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.  A boundary survey is strongly recommended BEFORE buying, subdividing, improving or building on land so land disputes can be avoided.

Features and Benefits

Boundary Survey

Professional Land Surveying Service

• Locate property corners according to legal description
• Locate easements and right of ways (if there is title commitment)
• Locate surrounding owners property corners according to legal description
• Analyze information gathered and upload into AutoCAD
• Create survey plat with information gathered and analyzed.
• Set property corners in correct position on your property
• Create mylar, record at government agency
• Supply customer with a 24×36 plat of boundary survey

Property Owner Benefit

• Peace of mind knowing where your property boundary is
• Know where new fences can be placed
• Know the total acres/sq. ft. that are owned.
• Increases the re-sale value
• Clarifies any boundary issues with neighbor
• Know where to build house or improvements

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