Boundary Adjustment

Boundary Adjustment Land Survey, Colorado Land Surveying

A boundary adjustment land survey is a land survey to amend
the common boundary line between 2 or more separate titles. The boundaries are re-arranged in order to reflect an agreement between neighbors. Monuments are set in the area that was adjusted and a plat is created and recorded at the county or city clerk and recorder’s office. This type of land survey requires approval by the city, town or county.

Delta County Boundary Adjustment Application

Features and Benefits

Boundary Adjustment Land Survey
Professional Land Surveying Service
• Locate original legal common boundary line
• Locate new agreed upon boundary line
• Create legal description to transfer parcel
• Analyze information gathered and upload into AutoCAD
• Create survey plat with information gathered and analyzed.
• Set property corners in agreed upon position on your property
• Create mylar, record at government agency
• Supply customer with a 24×36 plat of Boundary Adjustment
Property Owner Benefits
• Better relationship with neighbors
• Re-sale value may increase
• Future boundary disputes may be eliminated


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